Monday, 16 May 2011

A New Day, A New Bunch of Complaints

So here it is, Thank God it's Tuesday. Tuesday is like my Friday see, as I get Wednesdays off, but not this week. I have a golf day (no I've never played golf before) and I plan on doing badly. It would be way better if it were beer a hole golf. It's only a 6 hole game anyway, I could handle six drinks :D

Anyway I have to work for two hours tomorrow as well, as I went to a meeting in Albany yesterday for a couple hours. Geez Louise.

So here we are bored as batshit once again. I took some soup around to Joshua because he's all curled up and sick (man flu, I tell ya!), and met the lover briefly. Not much to report that I expect you'd find interesting thought internet.

I am addicted to Miss EmmaJane's blog - her life is so much more interesting than mine!

And also Courtney's blog, it's so interesting to see how she copes with a bubba! She's my age and doing a helluva lot better than I could, even at 30! :D

So what else is new? I've recently rediscovered my love of , it is the best procrastination website - and there are a thousand tabs, memebase wins handsdown and memebase afterdark is even better than that I highly recommend it. Hilarious.

So apart from just spouting off random sites I doubt I have much interesting to talk about. I am in the mood for a movie marathon, any suggestions? I have Supernatural, perhaps Lord of the Rings or good ol' HP? =) x

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