Friday, 20 May 2011

A New Day a New Dawn.

So I'm a bit perplexed. I have myriad issues in my life - none of which are simple matters to resolve. I wish I could just deal with everything rationally and then it would be a clear path of getting things over and done with.

However - I need to take into account emotions. I know, ew right? They just make everything harder when people are going to get hurt. In an ideal world we'd all be rational and be content with any rational decisions that are made by us or on our behalfs. However it's not an ideal world and I am faced with a lovely complex dilemma. Of course it is of a sensitive nature, and so I'm paranoid that whatever choice I make, it will be the wrong one. It is also a very time-sensitive nature I guess you could say, so procrastination is not an option either.

F****ck this is one of the worst positions to be in. Anyway now I've had my big fat b*tch on how much I hate the world, onto something better. - DO IT! For every answer you get right you donate 10 grains of rice to the hungry, I know, not a lot right? But I make it a point to donate 1000 grains a day, and in a year that's 365,000 grains of rice! Think of all the people you've fed. It's also free to play =) So make the world a better, less hungry place.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Oh Woe Is Me!

The lover has a new job! A trial just for now, but it's FIFO and it's 3 on 1 off. I've never been a fifo wife before and I'm a bit apprehensive at having to live alone. It shouldn't be for too long because Chelsea will be moving in with me in a couple of weeks, but he leaves this Monday! Arrrghhh!

I'm a little bit excited for him, it'll do him good to get a fifo job, better pay and probably better work than what he's doing now. He also will be able to go fishing up north whenever he gets the chance, which believe me! He will not be complaining about!

I played indoor hockey last night and got a goal baby! F*ck yeah! Then we visited Dan & Josh and lover and I stunk out the house, in our sweaty gear.

I'm interested in how this fifo thing will turn out. Am I supposed to make friends with all the girls that boys are fifo or what? I'm kinda new to this sort of thing! I'm never having bebehs.

A New Day, A New Bunch of Complaints

So here it is, Thank God it's Tuesday. Tuesday is like my Friday see, as I get Wednesdays off, but not this week. I have a golf day (no I've never played golf before) and I plan on doing badly. It would be way better if it were beer a hole golf. It's only a 6 hole game anyway, I could handle six drinks :D

Anyway I have to work for two hours tomorrow as well, as I went to a meeting in Albany yesterday for a couple hours. Geez Louise.

So here we are bored as batshit once again. I took some soup around to Joshua because he's all curled up and sick (man flu, I tell ya!), and met the lover briefly. Not much to report that I expect you'd find interesting thought internet.

I am addicted to Miss EmmaJane's blog - her life is so much more interesting than mine!

And also Courtney's blog, it's so interesting to see how she copes with a bubba! She's my age and doing a helluva lot better than I could, even at 30! :D

So what else is new? I've recently rediscovered my love of , it is the best procrastination website - and there are a thousand tabs, memebase wins handsdown and memebase afterdark is even better than that I highly recommend it. Hilarious.

So apart from just spouting off random sites I doubt I have much interesting to talk about. I am in the mood for a movie marathon, any suggestions? I have Supernatural, perhaps Lord of the Rings or good ol' HP? =) x

Oh oh oh!

I almost forgot to mention! We had the fishing club windup last Friday night... and I would like to announce that I won...... THREE TROPHIES BABY! Hah! And how much did the lover win? Zilch. Zero. Zip annnnnd NADA :) Poor boy, but I told him to take comfort in the fact that he taught me everything I know ;) xx

Work Sucks. I Know. She Left Me Roses By The Stairs.

Suprises let me know she cares.

Anyway back to the topic of work sucks. It sure does. We all sit and hate our job at one time or another, and why? Because we HAVE to do it. That's my theory on everything that we hate. What we HAVE to do we resent, whereas if it were an option, we'd probably not resent it so much (this probably doesn't go for  picking up dog shit or anything like that, pretty sure we'd still hate that if we didn't have to do it). I haaaate work.

Working at the bakery however, I loved. I don't know if it was the pay, the delicious fatty foods or the busyness of the day that got it over fast that I loved or just the job. But yeah, probably not the job.

Ok and now back to the topic of Blink 182. They are amazing are they not, this song is pretty much liked by the world and it's become somewhat of an anthem in the lives of people around me - and in my life. If you don't like this song - GET THE F*CK OUT! =D It's legendary.

Even the film clip has the taste of legendary on it =)

Make everything beautiful xx

And what a long time it has been.

Well here we are with yet another blog posting a thousand and eleventy years after the last - but as they say, things do get better with age... however I imagine that there is a cut off. Such as with sex. I can't imagine that not going downhill with age... anyhow lets crack on before we all start imagining our parents in compromising sex acts.

Not much interesting happenings have happened of late. Apart from paying for most of my holiday - which I am THOROUGHLY excited about. We are staying at Huski Apartments, in the penthouse suite - and it is truly amazing! And we're catching a limo from the airport to the hotel/lodge whatever. I can not WAIT. Anyway that's about all interesting that's been going on in my life.

My sister came down from the big smoke and brought her little bubba to host a Body Shop party for me, which was excellent! It was a 'champagne and shimmer' theme makeup party so I provided the guests with some complimentary champagne and we all had a great time! I ordered way too much, but there was a large amount of sales so I got most of it for under half price! A great weekend - I thoroughly recommend having one yourself.

Now it's been about three minutes and I've already rambled three boring long paragraphs and mentioned parental sex, penthouse apartments and champagne. So to end that on a good note, so long and I promise to post more frequently! =)

Do everything so that it's beautiful.