Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Onwards We March!

So today I am driving 400kms for a work conference *sigh* however I do get put up for two nights in a hotel room, so that should be good.

Also I get to see my adorable niece. Hailey. Cute name eh? So I'll have some pics of that to show you all anyway, if I can figure out how to get them off my iPhone =)

So nothing of substance to post. Work is still boring with study being even boringer - I packed my suitcase this morning and put all my uni stuff into it too, seeings as being alone in my hotel room two nights in a row - pretty sure that study is all I will be able to do!

So at 12 I'll meet mumma and we'll begin our epic trek.

I had to drop my car into the auto electrics this morning - I have two cigarette lighters and neither of them work, and I figure it's just a blown fuse but I don't know any boys that could fix it for me.
Anyway point is - I need to use my GPS, I'm not even going to try to navigate Perth without it :) So it was an urgent job! I told them I needed it done by 12 hah! Lucky I know the dude eh?

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