Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Oh How Her Life Slipped Away

Ellie looked out over the exquisite grounds of her parents' estate, sighing as she watched the gardeners tend to the roses with all the loving care of a mother to a newborn child. As she gazed hazily over the rolling lawns, her mind wandered back to how it all used to be.

Time had moved on so fast, she found it hard to comprehend how quickly her life has changed, her plan. Since Emma had left everything seemed to dull, monotonous, her day a steady routine that never differed. If she could paint her life it would be a mottled blend of gray, stretched thin over the canvas.

Emma had always been the more rebellious of the two, and together they were going to conquer the world as the most beautiful dancers to ever have taken the stage. That all changed that night that Emma had smuggled that stunning farm boy into her room. Shocked at the impertinence of having a boy in the same room alone with their daughter and then more so when it was discovered he was a mere farm boy, Emma's parents had sent her away to a dancing school in Paris - far from Ellie.

Since her departure Ellie had felt no love for the stage she'd once dreamed of. Her dancing no longer seemed as enjoyable, the joy she used to feel - dancing no longer held for her. Ellie hated that day. The day she'd been told that Emma was going away, the pain was all the more when Emma had been shipped away before Ellie had a chance to bid her adieu.

As Ellie neatly tucked a lock of her thick brown hair behind her ear, she let out a long whimsical sigh, ruing the day that her life had changed. Her pain deepened by her inability to change her situation, she hated her life, despised her path, and loathed the way her parents had planned everything for her. What once seemed like a dream of dreams with a fairytale ending was now her prison. At her sweet young age, she was matured beyond her years, and accepting her future, she stepped down from the window seat and made her way to her dance tutor, who'd be furious she had delayed.

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