Tuesday, 1 March 2011

And then my bellybutton had a hole.

So it shall happen tonight. 8pm. At the shop. I have a beautiful gold bar with pink jewels. It shall be beautiful and painful and a life changing experience.

I shall document it with before and after pics to show you all. Perhaps a couple of action shots of being in pain. So it's a one and half hour to go and I've downed me nurofen, he did done told me that it'll help with the swelling, so there we go with that.

Any people out there can share with me what to expect/be careful of etc? I'm so excited and apprehensive and not even THINKING about the pain.

I have a new thing to show off, however it may come across as a smidge odd when I walk around going LOOK AT MY BELLEH! Then rip up my shirt, I'll just have to make sure that in my enthusiasm I don't whip up my shirt too far.

WISH ME LUCK! :) Yayyy

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