Monday, 14 March 2011

And Forever It Has Been!

So I haven't been the best of bloggers of late, I don't think I've posted since I got my belly done! And that was two weeks ago today!

Anyway so the latest news to fill my life of Fish and Frivolity include a trip to Reef Beach - NO FISH, a crab, long drives, shops with mummy and no sleep ins!

So lover and I drove all the way out to Reef Beach weekend before last and a fat lot of good it did us. A two hour drive for absolutely no fish, and it takes a good half hour just to get through the track to the beach because it's so damn rocky. I caught a crab. A sand crab, and you can't even weigh the bloody things in! So that was a big fat waste of my weekend, and it's always the state fishing comps that you don't catch a thing *sigh*.

Oh well, lover didn't do all that well either. So it wasn't so bad.

I went shopping with the mumma on Wednesday last week - and spent too much money as usual, but at least I was buying groceries and stuff for the house! I have lovely new towels, my new obsession is buying nice things for the house =) who needs to go out anyway?

So yes, this weekend I am road tripping it to Perth for a seminar on Friday. Mumma is joining me for the drive and is going to stay with big sis and bub, I get to stay in a paid for hotel room ;) lucky me. Only lover can't (won't) take a day off work to join me, so it'll be lonesome to say the least! Anyway I'll be seeing gorgeous little niece Saturday morning before I leave - I promise I'll post pics! Anyway that's up with the goss, I'll see if I can post something with a bit more substance later =D.

Do everything so that it's beautiful!

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