Tuesday, 22 March 2011

22nd March 2011

So I can't think of anything incredulously interesting to call my post so the date shall have to suffice.

Fact of the matter is that not a whole lot of interesting 'stuff' has been happening lately. Oh yes I went to Perth, I went and saw the most beautiful niece =) All my nieces are stunners but Hailey is such a cute little baby, when she smiles her whole face lights up!

So I went to my seminar and met this lovely lady who works at Mercia accounting in Perth. Her name is Jiana and if you're interested their website is www.mercia.net.au and she is a lovely lady. Anyway we had a bit of a chat about working for one of the 'Big4' Accounting firms and such, as she's worked for PwC, she actually doesn't have a uni degree in accounting but in Japanese! Crazy eh?

Anyway so my trip was delightful, I got to catch up with Soph, Jack, Stevo, Michael and Bianca so all in all was a good trip. I can't wait to move up *fingers crossed* next year sometime.

Anyway not much else to report! I shall inform you of anything interesting as soon as it happens. I wrote some poems the other night - quite angry explicit ones but they're on my other computer and I've just got my laptop back - 52 VIRUSES! (Must be all the porn ;)Crazy eh? Anyway so I'll post some poetry another day.

Do everything so that it's beautiful - Julzperrixx

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