Saturday, 26 March 2011

This World We Live In

So I find myself sitting alone
On the couch at night
And I find myself a wondering
A few things about my life

About what has made me who I am
And what I will become
What else will I have to change
Before I'm good and done

The bad things that have happened
Have all made their subtle change
Some have made me stronger
Others just seemed strange

And good things that have happened
Have also done their share
Of defining who I really am
Of changing what once was there

And still I have no idea
Of who I am today
Or what else I want to change
Or have to anyway

I wrote this while watching the Fantastic Four. Ha! It's a piece of shit but go figure! =)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

22nd March 2011

So I can't think of anything incredulously interesting to call my post so the date shall have to suffice.

Fact of the matter is that not a whole lot of interesting 'stuff' has been happening lately. Oh yes I went to Perth, I went and saw the most beautiful niece =) All my nieces are stunners but Hailey is such a cute little baby, when she smiles her whole face lights up!

So I went to my seminar and met this lovely lady who works at Mercia accounting in Perth. Her name is Jiana and if you're interested their website is and she is a lovely lady. Anyway we had a bit of a chat about working for one of the 'Big4' Accounting firms and such, as she's worked for PwC, she actually doesn't have a uni degree in accounting but in Japanese! Crazy eh?

Anyway so my trip was delightful, I got to catch up with Soph, Jack, Stevo, Michael and Bianca so all in all was a good trip. I can't wait to move up *fingers crossed* next year sometime.

Anyway not much else to report! I shall inform you of anything interesting as soon as it happens. I wrote some poems the other night - quite angry explicit ones but they're on my other computer and I've just got my laptop back - 52 VIRUSES! (Must be all the porn ;)Crazy eh? Anyway so I'll post some poetry another day.

Do everything so that it's beautiful - Julzperrixx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Onwards We March!

So today I am driving 400kms for a work conference *sigh* however I do get put up for two nights in a hotel room, so that should be good.

Also I get to see my adorable niece. Hailey. Cute name eh? So I'll have some pics of that to show you all anyway, if I can figure out how to get them off my iPhone =)

So nothing of substance to post. Work is still boring with study being even boringer - I packed my suitcase this morning and put all my uni stuff into it too, seeings as being alone in my hotel room two nights in a row - pretty sure that study is all I will be able to do!

So at 12 I'll meet mumma and we'll begin our epic trek.

I had to drop my car into the auto electrics this morning - I have two cigarette lighters and neither of them work, and I figure it's just a blown fuse but I don't know any boys that could fix it for me.
Anyway point is - I need to use my GPS, I'm not even going to try to navigate Perth without it :) So it was an urgent job! I told them I needed it done by 12 hah! Lucky I know the dude eh?

Monday, 14 March 2011

And Forever It Has Been!

So I haven't been the best of bloggers of late, I don't think I've posted since I got my belly done! And that was two weeks ago today!

Anyway so the latest news to fill my life of Fish and Frivolity include a trip to Reef Beach - NO FISH, a crab, long drives, shops with mummy and no sleep ins!

So lover and I drove all the way out to Reef Beach weekend before last and a fat lot of good it did us. A two hour drive for absolutely no fish, and it takes a good half hour just to get through the track to the beach because it's so damn rocky. I caught a crab. A sand crab, and you can't even weigh the bloody things in! So that was a big fat waste of my weekend, and it's always the state fishing comps that you don't catch a thing *sigh*.

Oh well, lover didn't do all that well either. So it wasn't so bad.

I went shopping with the mumma on Wednesday last week - and spent too much money as usual, but at least I was buying groceries and stuff for the house! I have lovely new towels, my new obsession is buying nice things for the house =) who needs to go out anyway?

So yes, this weekend I am road tripping it to Perth for a seminar on Friday. Mumma is joining me for the drive and is going to stay with big sis and bub, I get to stay in a paid for hotel room ;) lucky me. Only lover can't (won't) take a day off work to join me, so it'll be lonesome to say the least! Anyway I'll be seeing gorgeous little niece Saturday morning before I leave - I promise I'll post pics! Anyway that's up with the goss, I'll see if I can post something with a bit more substance later =D.

Do everything so that it's beautiful!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Oh How Her Life Slipped Away

Ellie looked out over the exquisite grounds of her parents' estate, sighing as she watched the gardeners tend to the roses with all the loving care of a mother to a newborn child. As she gazed hazily over the rolling lawns, her mind wandered back to how it all used to be.

Time had moved on so fast, she found it hard to comprehend how quickly her life has changed, her plan. Since Emma had left everything seemed to dull, monotonous, her day a steady routine that never differed. If she could paint her life it would be a mottled blend of gray, stretched thin over the canvas.

Emma had always been the more rebellious of the two, and together they were going to conquer the world as the most beautiful dancers to ever have taken the stage. That all changed that night that Emma had smuggled that stunning farm boy into her room. Shocked at the impertinence of having a boy in the same room alone with their daughter and then more so when it was discovered he was a mere farm boy, Emma's parents had sent her away to a dancing school in Paris - far from Ellie.

Since her departure Ellie had felt no love for the stage she'd once dreamed of. Her dancing no longer seemed as enjoyable, the joy she used to feel - dancing no longer held for her. Ellie hated that day. The day she'd been told that Emma was going away, the pain was all the more when Emma had been shipped away before Ellie had a chance to bid her adieu.

As Ellie neatly tucked a lock of her thick brown hair behind her ear, she let out a long whimsical sigh, ruing the day that her life had changed. Her pain deepened by her inability to change her situation, she hated her life, despised her path, and loathed the way her parents had planned everything for her. What once seemed like a dream of dreams with a fairytale ending was now her prison. At her sweet young age, she was matured beyond her years, and accepting her future, she stepped down from the window seat and made her way to her dance tutor, who'd be furious she had delayed.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Instruments of Pain & Terror

So this is what got jammed through my bellybutton. I held my breath the whole way through and almost passed out. It hurt like a bitch. I am never ever ever having babies. Ever ever ever. I can't even imagine how much that'd hurt.


Haha yes, so it was done and yes I'll admit I cried like a baby! Well not like a baby but I cried little tears that streaked down my face :(

So yes, it hurt like hell but now my bellybutton is beautiful :) After he was done he proceeded to tell me stories about losing your kidney from infection and stuff - yeah not really good at selling it, oh and I was the 2nd bellybutton he'd ever done, but he told me that BEFORE he did it. I'm pretty sure I broke some bones in lover's hand too.

And then my bellybutton had a hole.

So it shall happen tonight. 8pm. At the shop. I have a beautiful gold bar with pink jewels. It shall be beautiful and painful and a life changing experience.

I shall document it with before and after pics to show you all. Perhaps a couple of action shots of being in pain. So it's a one and half hour to go and I've downed me nurofen, he did done told me that it'll help with the swelling, so there we go with that.

Any people out there can share with me what to expect/be careful of etc? I'm so excited and apprehensive and not even THINKING about the pain.

I have a new thing to show off, however it may come across as a smidge odd when I walk around going LOOK AT MY BELLEH! Then rip up my shirt, I'll just have to make sure that in my enthusiasm I don't whip up my shirt too far.

WISH ME LUCK! :) Yayyy