Monday, 28 February 2011

What makes us want a furry companion?

During recent discussions and disagreements with the lover, it got me to thinking about what makes us want a pet. I want a dog, as badly as what I think is possible, the only thing holding me back is the fact that lover doesn't want one, and I'm not interested in owning a dog with a disgruntled partner. Why do I want a dog, multiple reasons really, the most compulsion comes from being an avid dog lover and wanting a loyal obedient friend to spend my days with. A furry buddy to take to the beach, take for walks and have cuddles with.

I also want a protector. There are those inevitable nights that I have to spend alone in this big creaky old house and I don't like the feeling of being alone, I want a pup that'll bark when something is wrong, and protect me if a seedy dude is in my yard. More than anything I want a cuddly companion that I can count on at all times - what with people hardly being 100% accountable anymore.

Of course lover is the voice of reason. We can't afford a dog, we could never go away, we'd have to walk it every day, toilet train it, pay for it to eat a mountain blah blah blah....

My rebuttle of course is that we never go away, walking is the fun part, toilet training is just while they're babies, sure we can afford it and food is just a necessity. So we don't have a dog. Just two cats that try their best to be goggies.

What are the reasons that people have dogs? Or cats even? Cats are easy to take care of and are still something to cuddle up next to at night when you're in bed alone. Dogs are cuddlier, offer a form of protection and alarm and a motivation for exercise. What else do we love about having pets? Why do so many people have dogs? There are a lot of them out there.

I want a boxer - as I'm sure I've mentioned before. What is it that makes different people want different dogs? Big dogs, small dogs, hairy dogs, hairless dogs, wrinkly dogs, ugly dogs, pretty dogs, preened dogs, scruffy dogs - what makes people want the different dogs you can get? What personality differences do they all have? I want a boxer because of their personality, that they could protect me if I need it - they are extremely loyal (as I presume most dogs are), and they are beautiful animals! It's hard to distinguish why so much but that is the only breed I'm honestly interested in.

What about you? Do you have a dog? Want one? Does your life change once you have one?

Oh and in answer to the 'we could never go away' lover's mumma owns a kennels - if that isn't prime then I have no idea what is :)

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