Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Trashy? Or kind of cool?

A mate of mine is opening his own store in town tattooing and piercing. I've wanted to get a tattoo for ages however this has been an extremely sensitive topic between my special life partner and myself and so I haven't taken the plunge. So instead I was thinking of getting my belly button pierced and lover seems all a go for that... anyway I have mixed feelings - I always thought that it was trashy but now as my best friend and roomate has one - it doesn't seem that way. I mean it doesn't make her trashy but seeing girls with them in at the beach in their kini is just wierd. I have a moral dilemma, maybe I'll get it pierced and if I don't like it I'll take it out - or I'll just take it out when people can see it at the beach and stuff. Friday is crunch time. My mate that owns the shop - Steve, he's already bought my belly jewellery - so I suppose that really my decision is made for me.

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