Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sites of Interest

I thought I'd put some sights up that I am in love with - why not share the love eh?

www.esty.com - I love this site, all of the thing they sell are exquisitely beautiful without exception, everything took time and care. This site is perfect if you want to witness the beautiful.

www.verydemotivational.com - I love this site simply for it's hilarity. It takes the motivational posters you see in offices around the work (Courage, Respect, Perseverance) etc. etc. and makes a regular photo hilarious.

www.ninemsn.com.au - Ok so this site is a news site, but it is the homepage at work and it's the best for catching up on all the breaking news in Australia that way when I watch television I don't have to watch the news with commercials and boring stories on the singing budgie that can waterski or whatever else. It's great :)

xoxmissemmajane.blogspot.com - This blog is by a girl I met on facebook through a photography competition, since friending her I am in awe of her work and I highly recommend checking out her blog. She has her own business - EmmaJaneCouture and she is extremely talented and insightful - check her out :)

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