Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sex and the Stupid

Sex and the city is honest to god the stupidest show on television. I love it - but it's fucking stupid. Honestly, like how Carrie is freaking out coz Big won't sleep with her three nights in a row so she perves on her frisky neighbours that are banging like jackrabbits next door. Not only would you not sit and watch a horny couple get it off - you sure as hell wouldn't invite three of your mates over to watch it with you? Kinda odd eh?

Also when she is desperate to get some action from Big in the same episode and she puts herself all over him while he's trying to watch a game and she won't give in, I mean what a stupid bitch? Can't you tell when he doesn't wanna fuck you on the couch? Sorry kids. But oh my good god!

She is the dumbest bitch out.

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