Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Hockey Season

A short story summarising my typical Thursday night;

Never has a Thursday felt complete without the salty scent of sweat penetrating my nostrils at the conclusion of the day. The men's hockey team is like a second family to me - all the boys - Trev, Rodney, Wilksy, Dupey, Tom and of course Nic. Watching men lumber from one end of a polished hardwood floor to the other has never really appeared as my calling in life - however my week just doesn't seem fulfilled without missioning it the half hour drive to come see the boys play.

There's no gossiping, bitchiness or drama like there is on my girl's soccer team. It's just a bunch of blokes down here to play the game they love - if they play well the do and if they play shit - well. There'll always be the odd dispute between player and umpire but it wouldn't be the testosterone filled night I love without it. Whether it's Nic flicking a spectacular goal or Aaron attempting to perfect his overhead, the boys always please - even a full blown creaming will make for an entertaining match.

I love that I don't have to be girly. I don't have to talk about boys, breakups and the lastest rumor of who cheated on who. It's such a relief to get away from all of that. Today in particular there are two blokes I don't know the names of yet (although I'm sure I'll find out soon enough) that are whooping and cheering for my team like idiots, which of course is just making my night. Well from 4-2 at half time to 7-6 as the game is drawing to a close I'm starting to worry for my boys - Bring it HOME! Also - I'm not sure if I like the ump, but then again - do we ever?

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