Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Global Warming? The End of the World Perhaps?

With all the recent disasters it kind of gets me thinking if global warming is more advanced than we'd first feared. Perhaps the theatrical depiction of the end of the world in the film 2012 wasn't so far from the truth. Really I mean think about it - here are the facts

  • December 2010-January 2011 - Queensland Floods
  • January 2011 - Carnarvon Floods Western Australia
  • February 2011 - Perth Bushfire
  • February 2011 - Christchurch Earthquake
  • February 2011 - Cyclone Yasi in Queensland
  • February 2011 - Cyclone Bianca in Southern Western Australia
And these are just the natural disasters that I know of in Australia - and being Australian of course these are of the biggest concern to me - and Christchurch is in NZ which is a close little neighbour of ours. These natural disasters are all increasing in frequency and aren't typical to these areas of Australia which is what is most concerning - I mean I live in Southern WA and come on - we haven't even heard of a cyclone making it's way down here for, well, god knows how long! Next thing you know it'll be snowing. Ok yes we get bushfires in Perth a lot - but eh you get that.

Basically I am concerned, not being a skeptic I am alarmed at the number of natural disasters in and surrounding the country I know and love. Geez Louise.

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