Monday, 28 February 2011

Caesar + Dhufish = A Delicious Dinner

How delicious does my dinner look? I hope your answer is f*cking DELICIOUS because that's what it tasted like. That huge fish pictured with the lover? Yeah that's what we ate tonight - jealous? Oh and my caesar salad was pretty much the best made - ever, yeah you better be jealous, I only wish I could eat this good every night.

I think I need to have like a little cookbook that I put in all my easy to cook recipes for dinner. I am not the kind of person who can come home after an 8 hour day and cook a delicious 3 course me for me and my fellow. So I need a compendium of deliciously simple recipes I can cook for my dinner - with about 21 recipes so I don't have to use the same one twice in a 3 week period. Mmmmm culinary heaven. Pretty sure the masterchefs would stab me for saying that that is all that culinary heaven consists of.

If you have a recipe to donate to my compendium please do so! :)

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