Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Is addiction just as excuse for not giving something up? I supposed in scientific cases where it has been proved that people experience withdrawal symptoms etc. then I guess it does exist. However I used to think I was an addicted passive smoker - I loved the smell of cigarettes because my mum smoked them my whole life, to tell you the truth I still do like the smell. But saying I'm an addicted passive smoker was just ridiculous - and I think this is the case in a lot of scenarios where people just don't want to give something up. *Ahem* Sex addiction anyone? Yeah well we all know porn can be interesting but addictive?

It seems that sex addiction is the new Hollywood craze and it's not one that I can say I am a-jumping on the bandwagon for at that. As far as I'm concerned what could we possibly be addicted to that drives us to have sex with those other than our partners and thus commit adultery? Hormones? Endorphins?  I am hard pressed to believe that there is anything within our body that we can be addicted to full stop. Honestly - I think sex addiction is just an excuse for men to fall back on when they can't man up and admit to being the lying scumbag of a weakling that they are to cheat on their women like that. And sex addiction clinics? Just another way to make money in this growing material world we find ourselves in - provides a source of 'credibility' to men's claims that they are 'addicted' to sex. Bollocks and bullshit I say.

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