Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Small Cat is Making More Small Cats

My little kitten can't be 6 months old and I swear to god she's pregnant. All I can think is oh my freaking god no! It's not fair, it's like a 6 year old kid getting pregnant, it just isn't fair! Her belly is huge and hard and HUGE and hard and I'm scared for her, she's a little sweetie, I don't want her having to go through all that pain - and then what are we going to do with her babies?? Take them to the pet shop? Yeah well that sure isn't going to help. Maybe the vet can abort them? No that'd be wayy too expensive for my budget especially as I want her to get all fixed up.

What can I do what can I do?

She's so little and tiny and full of life, she's not ready to be a mum - no way she's too little, she's a baby. Gakjsf;alkdvja;dkfjhadkgjhdsfigafdglkjafdg;lkjfafkjgagf

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