Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Need to Express

Well in this day and age, what person, especially of my generation can even go a day without expressing their opinion? What with the feelings I wish to express people would get sick of me pretty quick if I just blurted out whatever came into my head. And so here I am, signed up to a blog on the worldwideweb hoping to express what I can't get across to the people I love most. And hate most. I love writing poetry - so much so that I wrote a poem to my colleague and emailed it to her asking if she wanted to go out back and make a coffee with me - yes a 4 stanza poem requesting a coffee making buddy. I have also recently rediscovered my love of reading particularly crime and thriller however I do love a good girly read. Kathy Reichs is my most recent love.

So here I am, spilling my boring guts out for nobody to listen to but hey once it's in cyberspace it's there forever and I've had my little spill and ranted and raved and now I feel like I'm important to somebody. I mean hey that's the point of blogging eh? Even if you don't get famous like the 'Servantless Cooks' of America you can still feel like you've contributed to society in your own little way and you feel more wholesome and complete and all warm and fuzzy eh? Well I guess that's why I'm doing this, and no - believe it or not it doesn't make me feel pathetic when I write it like that I just think that it makes more sense to be honest about why I'm really doing this - oh yeah I want to be famous and earn lots of money but even if I don't end up there (and let's admit it - it sure ain't likely) this will make me feel better :) I will feel like I've contributed to some poor sod's life - ha! As if.

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